Adriatic coast explorer cruise - Discover Jewels of Montenegro & Croatia

According to astronauts, the Adriatic Sea with its characteristic limestone floor makes for the bluest places on earth. The largest bit of the archipelagos in the Mediterranean is hosted in the Montenegrian and Southern Croatian Adriatic which are the stars of this route and are fast becoming legendary in the world of yacht and gulet charter destinations.. On the fringe, there are 1246 islands, all scattered like marbles on the sea.
This culminates as one of the best sea cruising in the world simply because of the provision of spectacular vistas, all which are breathtaking.
We will visit three UNESCO Wold Heritage old cities which combined with the relaxed culture makes it the perfect destination for a Gulet Cruise.
The Adriatic Sea whose coastline, spreads for over 1700km, is best explored with a crewed charter gulet. This provides the enjoyment of the beautiful Mediterranean towns, untouched nature and the various cultural and historic sites that are an ideal place for relaxation. Sail the azure blue waters of the Adriatic and discover islands and land whose beauties have been celebrated from the ancient times. George Bernard Shaw found his paradise on Earth right here.
Aboard our 22m, traditional mahogany and teak wood gulet cruiser named 'Patronice' you will enjoy a holiday to remember. This beautiful vessel is fully equipped to sail on the open Adriatic at every available opportunity. As well as visiting beautiful towns and villages there is plenty to do on board, with swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, and fishing all available.When the weather conditions permit the gulet will raise it sails, so you can enjoy the peaceful tranquility of cruising the Adriatic.
The on-board chef serves a delicious breakfast and lunch (or dinner) each day, with evenings spent exploring your port of call or enjoying a drink from the boat’s bar.


Day 1 - Sunday - Tivat

Embark for the start of your fabulous trip at 5PM. Tivat is a coastal town located on the central part of Boka bay, under the Vrmac hill just at the foot of Mt. Lovcen. The town is well renowned for its extraordinary natural beauty. The many sunny days around the year make Tivat a perfect destination for summer holidays and water sports during the winter. Another part of Tivat consists of two islands; island of flowers St. Marc and Lady of Mercy. Remnants found in this areas point towards the concept of continuity of life in Tivat as far back as the Bronze Age (20th Century BC) and Ilyric. The town survived the Roman reign and the medieval domination of the Venetian, Austrian and Turkish empires.
Overnight onboard in Tivat, Welcome drink & Dinner on board included.

Day 2 - Monday - Cavtat

Cavtat grew and became known because of the port. It is located on the southern part of the Zupa bay just 20km southeast of Dubrovnik. Cavtat boasts of its pleasant climate, beautiful shores and very luxuriant vegetation. The major tourist attractions include the “St. Nicholas” baroque church, the Gothic-Renaissance Franciscan Monastery “Our Lady of Snows” that was named after the Benedictine church that existed on Mrkan. The major contributor to the economy is tourism while the major occupations for the inhabitants are fishing and farming.
Overnight onboard in Cavtat, Breakfast and Lunch on board included.

Day 3 - Tuesday - Mljet (Okuklje)

Beautiful little bay on the nothern shore of the island, Okuklje is popular summer destination for visitors to Mljet.The bay is popular ancorage spot for sailors as a safe haven (in case of bad weather) on their way along the coast to Dubrovnik. Facing Croatian Mainland, this relaxed seaside small and quite village ofers several holiday houses and apartments, couple of restaurants and cafes. Lot of good swimmng spots to enyoj the clear waters. Hills around the bay are excelent hiking location offering great views over the channel (above photo)
Overnight in Mljet, Breakfast and Lunch on board is included.

Day 4 - Wednesday - Sipan

Also, commonly referred to as “The Golden Island”, Sipan is considerably the largest island in the area and most populated of all the Elaphit (Elafit) islands. The climate is mostly mild winter in this little space of incredible cultural tradition. There are a huge number of monuments, over thirty churches, several monasteries and about sixty Gothic and renaissance summer residents. Unlike anywhere else in the world, in Sipan, a person can wander off for hours along beaten paths used by wild creatures at times. There are little of such places left in the world today.
Overnight onboard in Sipan, Breakfast and Lunch on board included.

Day 5 - Thursday - Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a city with a unique cultural and political history, mainly the Statute from 1272. It is also a city with world famous beauty and is one of the World Heritage Sites as listed by UNESCO. By right, it is among the most famous cities and attractive cities of the Mediterranean. Besides the natural beauties, cultural and historical heritage, Dubrovnik offers quality experiences and opportunities for visitors.
Overnight onboard in Dubrovnik, Breakfast and dinner on board included.

Day 6 - Friday - Kotor

This is a city renowned for its trading activities and its famous sailors. The old city of Kotor has been properly preserved urbanization, much similar to the middle Ages and was built around the 12th and 14th centuries. Kotor has been listed as one of the “World Natural and Historical Heritage Sites” by UNESCO due to the Medieval architecture and numerous monuments with both historical and cultural value. Buildings are crisscrossed throughout the city and so the streets are narrow and so are the squares. One of the notable monuments in the city is the Cathedral of Sveti Tripun. Other monuments and treasures of Kotor include the Church of Sveti Luka (13th century), Church of Sveta Ana (12th Century), Church Sveta Marija (13th Century), Church Gospe od Zdravlja (15th Century), the Prince’s Palace (17th Century) and the napoleon Theatre (19th Century).
Overnight onboard in the Bay of Kotor. Breakfast and dinner included

Day 7 - Saturday - Perast

Perast is a humble own located just at the foot of St. Elijah Hill (873m), on the opposite side of the narrow Verige strait, whereby the most inner bays of Kotor and Risan converge. The easternmost part of the shore was the earliest part of land that was inhabited in the Boka region. Discoveries of Neolithic cultures (3500 BC) were made in the Spila caves just above Perast. Other archeological finds provide clearer evidence of ancient civilization dating back to the Roman, Early Christian and Illyrian periods. Although preceded by two jewel-like islands, Perast overlooks the sea with great enthusiasm. Despite the small size, Perast has grown with sophisticated urban structures being put up especially along the waterfront.
Overnight onboard in Perast, Breakfast and Lunch on board included.

Sunday morning - Tivat - Enjoy a final early morning breakfast in the Bay of Kotor before disembarking. Breakfast on board is included.

*Please note that in case of any force majeure situation we do have rights to change route, of course we will give our best to compensate You through some other activities You did not had in Your original route.

take gulet or boat in tivat Day 1 - Sunday - Tivat
gulet cruise to cavtatDay 2 - Monday - Cavtat
gulet cruise in mljet okukljeDay 3 - Tuesday - Mljet (Okuklje)
gulet sail cruise sipanDay 4 - Wednesday - Sipan
gulet sail cruise dubrovnikDay 5 - Thursday - Dubrovnik
gulet sail cruise kotorDay 6 - Friday - Kotor
gulet sail cruise perastDay 7 - Saturday - Perast

Your gulet cruise on Patronice includes

  • FREE - Transfer from Tivat Airport to Gulet and return transfer from the gulet to Tivat Airport
  • Breakfast and and three-course lunch (dinner on arrival day)
  • Bathroom and beach towels changed midweek.
  • We sail ~4hours per day , depending on weather
  • When the weather conditions permit the gulet will raise it sails, so you can enjoy the peaceful tranquility of cruising the Adriatic.

Onboard facilities include:

  • 6 cabins with double beds and wardrobe
  • Private en-suite bathrooms with shower cubicle.
  • Air conditioning is working 4hours per day
  • TV / DVD player / HI-Fi Stereo system in lounge.
  • Comfortable shared saloon lounge.
  • Ice maker and drinking water on demand.
  • Sun mattresses and awnings for shade.
  • Safety equipment including, fire extinguishers, alarm system, life vests and life raft
  • There are hairdryers in each cabin.
  • Wi-fi when available (not suitable for streaming, but fine for checking emails).
  • Bar open until 11pm.

Watersports & equipment:

  • Tender for up to 6 passengers at a time
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Two man Canoe
  • Fishing gear

Sailing requirements

This cruise has no pre-requirements which means *anyone can board and sail on our gulet ship!
*Anyone except pets and children up to 12 years.

Will the route suit me?
Level Total beginner or Experienced sailor this cruise will pull the best from You
Ideal for Individuals, Couples, Families, Group of Friends
We don't accept Pets , Children up to 12 years
Wind None or moderate
Tides Non-tidal
Activities Nature sightseeing, Historical, Diving, Snorkeling
Departure Nights Price per cabin in GBP EUR
05th July 7 1190GBP 1290EUR
12th July 7 1190GBP 1290EUR
19th July 7 1190GBP 1290EUR
26th July 7 1190GBP 1290EUR
2nd August 7 1190GBP 1290EUR
9th August 7 1190GBP 1290EUR
16th August 7 1190GBP 1290EUR
23th August 7 1190GBP 1290EUR
30th August 7 1190GBP 1290EUR
29th July 7 1390GBP 1490EUR
5th August 7 1290GBP 1390EUR
12th August 7 1290GBP 1390EUR
19th August 7 1290GBP 1390EUR
26th August 7 1290GBP 1390EUR
6th September 7 1290GBP 1390EUR
13th September 7 1190GBP 1290EUR
20th September 7 1190GBP 1290EUR
27th September 7 1190GBP 1290EUR
4th October 7 1190GBP 1290EUR
11th October 7 1190GBP 1290EUR
18th October 7 1190GBP 1290EUR

An advance equivalent to 30% of the weekly rate will be charged in order to guarantee Your reservation. Rest of the amount You will pay directly when boarding either via credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD ) or cash.

Important thing to note is that it is available to rent FULL BOAT CHARTER which means complete gulet will be Yours for at least one week. Price varies on number of people who would sail. Please contact us for best available prices for full boat charter gulet cruise.

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Excellent - you found the right boat in the right place at the right time and also managed to change the dates for our convenience - brilliant!
Johnatan S. Davidson June 13, 2014
Everything was efficient, the booking, transfers, information, updates, correspondance. It was amazing and will do it again for sure.
Johnatan S. Davidson June 13, 2014
Very friendly and very helpful staff. Briefing on boat was thorough. I was impressed with the cleaning and checking of the boat, which I saw first hand.
Johnatan S. Davidson June 13, 2014
Dolphins swimming along side the boat. Dropping the anchor in remote bays to dine and snorkle way off the beaten track. An unforgettable experience.
Johnatan S. Davidson June 13, 2014
I have had 2 weeks north of Kremik this year and two weeks south last year. The north is much more rugged, with many islands, and to the south is more populated.
Johnatan S. Davidson June 13, 2014
Straight forward and stress free from booking online to stepping on board in Kremik. The staff at HO to the staff on the base could not have been more helpful.
Johnatan S. Davidson June 13, 2014
Very friendly and very helpful staff. Briefing on boat was thorough. I was impressed with the cleaning and checking of the boat, which I saw first hand.
Johnatan S. Davidson June 13, 2014
Excellent - you found the right boat in the right place at the right time and also managed to change the dates for our convenience - brilliant!
Johnatan S. Davidson June 13, 2014

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